The 3 Common Kinds Of Shoppers You’ll Come Across When You Sell furniture In Your Store

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The 3 Common Kinds Of Shoppers You’ll Come Across When You Sell furniture In Your Store

One of the joys of selling furniture is that you get to interact with different customers. But it’s also a challenge because you can devise a single marketing tactic to convert them. Each customer comes with their own set of traits, and you have to get to grips with them and formulate your marketing tactics based on them. To get you on that road, we’ve compiled a list of the common types of customers you are bound to meet when selling furniture in your store:

You’ll meet the well-informed shopper when you sell furniture in your store

Most new generation of shoppers falls into this category. They always conduct extensive research before they buy something. They scour the internet to find authentic product reviews and do price comparisons, and so, when they walk into your furniture store, they have all the information they need about the furniture they want to buy, including the price range. To deal with these customers, get ahead of them by learning about them before they check into your furniture store.

You might stumble upon the showroom if you sell furniture

Showroomers go to a physical store to check out furniture for real but opt to buy online when they get a better deal. You can detect these kinds of shoppers because they try to do price comparisons by scanning your products or using apps. As a furniture seller, you need to convert these kinds of customers into buyers by shifting their focus from price to value. For instance, you can convince them that by buying now, they can get the furniture in their houses that very day, rather than order online and wait for a week or more for the deliveries.

The wanderer is another kind of customer you can meet when you sell furniture

Like the name ‘’wanderer” suggests, these kinds of customers walk around your furniture store without any intention to buy. They are walking around your furniture store to kill time. These kinds of customers are best left alone because if you try to antagonize them, they might react by leaving bad reviews.

You can also meet the bargain-hunter when you sell furniture

These kinds of shoppers come to your furniture room with price as the main buying factor. They will rigorously negotiate to the lowest price, and they will spend time and energy moving around until they find the price they want. You should make such customers feel that you’re offering a great deal. Give them compelling reasons why buying from you will result in them saving a lot of money.


There are many other kinds of customers you might come across in your furniture store, including the chatty, the undecided, and your regular customers. The point is to treat them equally, and if they are not willing to buy, make them change their minds.

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